Welcome to Fly Awake’s Tea Mountain

We are pleased to offer our community a most dynamic assortment of magical Chinese tea. All sourced, directly, from sacred spaces and mythological places. Our scene is set. Powerful wizards charge your water with high vibrations and, graciously, hold space for you. Their hearts are huge and their service is peerless. Their tea wisdom: legendary.

Be brave, Traveler! Take a deep breath. Relax into this most fortunate experience.


White Tea

“Fierce Monk, White Rose”
This large leaf, Yunnan varietal from Jinggu is process like Mao Cha then air dried. Taste the mountain and walk in the fields. An exciting combination of potent energy and measured response.
Spring 2016.  2oz. container:  $15   service for one:  $8   two:  $15


“the Lunatic”
Made from purple leaf trees deep in the wild forests of Jinggu. Harvested at night, in the traditional manner, during a specific moon phase. This tea is many ways complex. Fruit, flower, sugarcane and a quick bite to show you its full of business. A perfect ally if you are stepping onto the sometimes eerie bridge towards the Depths. Confront the Night and dispel your fears.
Spring 2016.  2oz. container:  $20   service for one:  $9   two:  $17


“Healer’s Hope”
Time for adjustment and balance? First flush, sun dried and stone-pressed. This three year aged leaf is a great medicine indeed! Perfect for bringing harmony to your energetic field. Let your newly aligned self bring its wisdom too bear on whatever ails you.
Spring 2013.  100g. cake:  $30   service for one:  $8  two:  $15


“Goddess Tribute”
Tender shoots of Simao, are hand-plucked during a two day celebration when they first meet the sun. Drinking this tea is like eating a delicious meal. Savory and complex. Vegetal and fresh. Stand under this waterfall of abundance and be reborn.
Spring 2016. 2oz. container: $15  service for one:  $8  two:  $15


Oolong Tea

“Drunken Concubine”
Made from leaf grown, hand-rolled and very lightly roasted in Gande village in Anxi county of Fulian province.  This stellar Tie Guan Yin overflows with bright, spring aroma and flavor.  Named after the Bodhisattva of compassion and mercy, no tea will ease the boundary between dream life and waking life with more care.  Are you longing for union with Sweet Mother? Here is your moment of opportunity.
Spring 2016.   2oz. container:  $15    service for one:  $8    two:  $17

“Green Dragon”
Wanna try a novel way of hand processing Dan Cong?  Informed by the Tie Guan Yin style, this amazing leaf is full of vitality and aroma. Very sweet and vegetal with lots of mouth complexity.  Do you need to speak about the whispers of your heart?  Are you searching for the blood of Adonis? Writing a novel about the Afterworld?  If yes, then Yes.
Spring 2016.    2oz. container:  $20    service for one:  $8    two:  $15

“A Light in the Attic”
Orchids are native to the Wu Dong mountains of Guangdong.  Their thick and sweet aroma is fully present in this fine, hand-processed Dang Cong.  Pungent and complex with little or no astringency.  This tea grants you time with your muse.  Have a pen and a pad, or a good friend,  at the ready.  Inspiration download will commence directly.
Spring 2016.    2oz. container:  $15    service for one:  $8    two:  $15

“Wizard’s Eyebrow”
We have never experienced a Big Red Robe Wu Yi so magical.  The aroma is at once nuts, chocolate and floral.  The taste shares these elements, but provides a slight astringency to compliment it’s pungent and vibrant nature.  Drink this and a powerful focus will develop between your eyebrows, your Will will strengthen and also your drive to self-realize.  Make a list of what the biggest you wants.
Spring 2016.    2oz. container:  $15    service for one:  $8    two:  $15


Sheng Puerh

“Forgotten Treasure”
A powerful first flush of Spring 2015 tea from 50-80 year old trees growing in the high altitude “Big Snow Mountain” area of Lincang.
Refreshing and bright. Like drinking from a mountain stream.
Be warned fair traveler, after several cups, one may be confronted by a young dragon! 
 Spring 2015. 357g cake: $60  service for one: $5  two:  $8

Turning the Tables
A traditionally stone pressed mix of Autumn and Spring leaf from both Lincang and Jing Gu.
This tea is very strong in aroma, mouthfeel, and magical feelings. Rarely does a tea change character as many time during a session.
Approach as the Fool. Will bite back if Balance is not being attentive.
Spring and Autumn 2015.  357g. cake: $50  service for one: $5  two:  $8

“the Essence of Independence”
This was produced by a small tea factory in the Mengku area from Spring 2005 tea leaves from Xiao Hu Sai area of Mengku county in Lincang.
The tea was stone pressed and compression is medium to light.  The leaves are tippy first pluck of spring and their integrity has been well preserved thanks to the stone compression. This complex tea has a huge range, from floral to fruity to camphor.  The Queen of Swords and King of Wands in harmony.
Spring 2005.  400h cake: $120  service for one: $8  two:  $14

“We Are Emperors!”
This cake is made from the large leaves of some of the some oldest wild arbor trees on Yi Wu mountain. Pressed into shape by the ancient 30kg stones of Wa Long. A very distinctive tea with a strong stout taste with some highly refined bitterness.
Do you want to feel like a fucking Emperor?
Spring 2015. 250g cake: $140  service for one: $15  two:  $25


Ripe Pu-erh

Wise Autumn Ram
A blend of old plantation and premium wild arbor leaf lightly fermented.
The taste is strong up front and sweet underneath. This has the tenacity of a raw pu-erh with the depth of a ripe.
Smash through your obstacles with precise, rigorous potency. Count on your life changing after drinking this tea.
         2015.  357g. cake:  $65  service for one:  $8  two: $15

Deeper than the Deepest Hole
Another Xinghai production made from entirely Bu Lang mountain material. This dry stored tea has a strong and thick camphor taste with a good amount of bitterness. Do you need to go preverbal?  There are secrets down there that may need to be brought to light.  Let this wise tea be your guide in the depths.
 2008.  357g. cake:  $80  service for one:  $8  two: $15

Blue Dragon
Celebrate the year of the Dragon with this mix of the highest quality tips and buds. Dark and delicious.  An aromatic affair filled with camphor and molasses.
Bringing electricity into your earth. This tea helps you to communicate what is in       your depths.  Perfect for shaman and storytellers!
  2012.  357g. cake:  $65  service for one:  $8  two: $15
Ripe Pu-erh

Snow Falls on the Monkey
Our first taste of the eagerly anticipated Year of the Monkey. For the only time in recent memory, snow fell on the still developing first flush. Many speculate on how this will play out in the qualities of the tea. Give it a try and come up with your own conclusions. 
2016.  250g cake:  $45  service for one:  $8  two: $15



Guru’s Chai  Traditional Indian Chai, prepared with organic whole milk, black tea and spices. Prepared throughout the day.  Sweeten to your liking.                 $5

Dirty Chai  A decaf chai, made with soymilk, spices and a coffee-like mix of roots. Many say that it is like African chai. Prepared throughout the day. Sweeten to your liking. Vegan. $5


Samosa  Treat yourself to an authentic, house-made Indian delight.  this vegetarian bite has a fried outer shell and a savory filling of potatoes, bell peppers, brown mustard seed, ghee and a pinch of cilantro. One is a snack. Two is a light meal. $4 or $7