February's epic tea subscription

February's epic tea subscription

Never miss drinking one of our epic, small batch teas again! Each month the wizards at Fly Awake meet and chose three of our most legendary experiences.  They then package them and send them out into the world for only $35 ($30 if you pick them up yourself).

June 2018

Orange Buddy- Emperor's Yellow Tea is an extremely vital tea, but in a way that promotes fullness and relaxation. The processing is similar to black tea with sun withering, rolling, oxidization, and finally drying.  The main difference between the Yellow tea and Black tea processing done by our organic tea growers is the sun withering stage and the oxidization stage are quite a bit shorter for the Yellow tea.  You will notice the dry leaf of the Yellow tea is tending to be more grey and less gold as compared to our Pure Bud Black Tea, and the brewed tea soup is more yellow-gold (as opposed to gold-orange) and the brewed leaves are more greenish. A good choice for any time of day. 180 degrees. Start with short steeps, but then give it more time when water makes it way into the leaves.

Red Buddy- Plumb Crazy is a lightly aged Pure Purple Bud pick from the Jinggu area of Simao (Yunnan Province). The tea is fried (kill-green), withered and sun-dried like pu-erh tea (but without the rolling), allowing for a tea that be successfully aged in open air (like pu-erh tea).  This tea was aged from Spring 2015 until Spring 2018 in a warm and moist Jinggu warehouse in a large sack. The light aging has given this tea an incredibly complex and unique plum flavor. It's sweet and fruity, but also ever so slightly sour in the mouth.  Very thick and soupy, this lubricates the mouth and throat with a pleasant fruitiness. 195 degrees. Many, many short steeps.

Black Buddy- Atlas Moth is picked, wilted briefly and then sun-dried.  There is no kill-green (pan frying) or rolling (cellular breaking), which gives this tea a natural sweetness and no real astringency.  Sweet taste, and thick and creamy in the mouth, this tea is referring to as "three aromas" as it's dry aroma, wet leaf aroma and cup aroma are all distinctive. 180 degrees. Start with short steeps, but give more time for complexity in later steepings.


May 2018

Orange Buddy- The Hulk is a fresh, intense green tea from Laoshan. Famous for it high altitudes, this regions has been growing and processing some of the most memorable teas of the last century. 175 degrees, short steeps.

Black Buddy- Impressions 2017 is a young sheng puerh made from Mengku material. We fell in love with the original impressions cake the was produced in 2012 and when this new version was offered we jumped. No joke, this tea is a powerhouse! The energetic potency of this tea rocks even the most well trained wizard. Be warned. 200 degrees, very short steeps.

Red Buddy- The Lunatic is back! The finest example of a purple wild harvested, old tree and minimal processed tea we have ever drank. Picked at night during a specific phase of the moon, this tea speaks to the moonies and lycanthropes in us all. So delicious, so unique. 190 degrees, steep to your liking.

March 2018

Orange Buddy- Snow Buds is the earliest picked white tearoom Simao. This is picked as a pure bud tea and then carefully processed through frying, rolling and air-drying. Featuring large size leaf and buds and prominent downy buds, the aroma and vitality make this a miracle! Start brewing at 170 to 180 degrees and raise the heat as you get deeper.

Black Buddy- Houtu's Envy was picked from the first flush of spring harvest high in the mountains of Simao. These tender young buds were processed in a way that is similar to how other premium small-leaf tea varietals (like Emei Sichuan Zhu Ye Qing) are processed elsewhere in China, but as this is from a large-leaf tea varietal of Yunnan (Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica), it retains some distinct characteristics and a bolder large-leaf taste. This tea is high in tannins which give it a penetrating vegetal aroma and a strong "umami" flavor which coats the mouth and throat. Start brewing at 170 degrees. Keep the steep time short for a more fruity quality.

Red Buddy- Finnigan's Wake is a raw Xiaguan puerh from 2011, but tastes and feels much older. This tea is fucking wise! drink this when you want to experience timelessness, weightlessness and grandeur. The tea cannot be brewed poorly. Go for it!


January 2018

Orange Buddy- The Wild Wizard of Wu Yi is a dramatic rock oolong from Wu Yi Mountain. This wild harvested tea is slightly less roasted than more traditional rock oolongs. This consideration gives us the opportunity to taste the nutty and mineral notes with clarity. Don't be surprised if, after drinking this tea, that may consider selling all your belongings and becoming a monk. Best if first steeps are quick, but then settle in as you increase the temperature from 190 to 205 degrees.

Black Buddy - "As You Wish" is a remarkable shu puerh, not only in taste and experience, but because of it's novelty.  This cake was commissioned by from the Menghai Factory by the Chinese government and is a mix of leaf from 2003, 2005 and 2009.  This is a rare situation indeed!  Long strong steeps at 200 degrees

Red Buddy- The newest shoeing puerh from the Master Han collective is here! Rejoice! Every year we are fortunate to receive a small amount of what is happening in the far eastern edge of yunnan province. Many years ago, most of the old tea trees in this area were cut down and the land was used for food production during a famine. in 2000, Master Han was commissioned by the Chinese government to bring this area thoughtfully back to tea production. This tea comes from young trees with old, old roots.  Quick steeps at 190 degrees.


December 2017

Orange Buddy- This autumn Dan Cong Oolong will be your ally in the emotional battles the dark winter holidays are known for. Fire will immediately climb your central channel stirring and sometimes boiling the emotional waters. Best to steep quickly at first at 195 degrees. 

Black Buddy- A young sheng puerh full of princess energy. We call it Girls Just Want to Have Fun or Suicide Leap. Want to feel curious, fun, self-centered and full rebellion? Drink deeply. Start with quick brews at 195 degrees, then as the leaf opens, increase time and temperature.

Red Buddy- Wow! This sheng puerh from 2005 is full of potential for the new year. The New Chrysalis is most potent in your energetic field. She can lend herself to positive multi-tasking, reorganization of life patterns and planning your mercy rule victories. Start with quick steeps at 195 degrees and the increase time and temp as the leaf opens.


November 2017

Orange Buddy- The Autumn harvest has brought us the pleasure of fresh oolong from Wu Yi Mountain! Wizard's Eyebrow is a double happy rock oolong that comes from the old trees squeezing from the near-soilless rocky crags. A perfect roast meets beautiful leaf! This tea will help you focus and be clear. Take care to steep these leaves several times to enjoy their many gifts.  Best with quick steeps at 200 degrees.

Black Buddy- Tears of Ganesha is a flat pressed green tea that is not only delicious, but completely novel to Chinese tea. Using huge leaves normally made into puerh, this juicy, fruity tea will blow your mind and any obstacles in you way to a great day. Quick steeps at 180 degrees.

Red Buddy- Old Bear is a friend of the tea house. I have been buying this tea for years from the same family in Jinggu. This one third assamic hybrid, is a very relaxing evening tea. Don't get to comfortable! There is a fierceness lurking, but will only emerge if provoked.  one minute steeps at 200 degrees.

October 2017

Orange Buddy - Snow Chrysanthemum tea is a rare and highly sought after high altitude (3000 meters) flower tea from the Kunlun Mountains in Xinjiang province.  The tea is picked and sun-dried once a year then hand-sorted into various grades. These are picked while still buds and then dried in the high altitude sun to cure them.  The aroma of the buds is thick and pungent.  Sweet and floral.  The brewed tea is sweet, honey-like with a light flower and cooling mint-like taste.  The tea soup is gold-red and the buds can be infused 8 to 10 times if brewed gong fu style at 195 degrees.

Red Buddy - Silver Webs is a very fragrant and pungent green tea of Simao that can be infused many times. Has the robust characteristics of Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica with a potent aftertaste that lingers in the back of the mouth. The leaves have been dried into extremely thin strands that slowly unravel and expand as they are infused. one of the lasts greens of the year! 190 degrees and quick steeps.

Black Buddy- Three Cranes 25017 is the recipe number for this traditional medium level fermented Liu Bao tea from the oldest producer of Liu Bao in Guangxi (Three Cranes / Wuzhou Tea Factory). Much like ripe pu-erh tea, liu bao is wet piled for for several weeks to allow fermentation to take place. The degree of fermentation depends on the amount of time the tea is wet piled and can differ depending on the intended outcome. The 25017 is wet piled for about 29 days, which is typical for classical Liu Bao.  The result is a liu bao with some bitter, sweet, chocolate and betel nut flavors.  It's got an obvious "chen xiang" (old taste) due to classic style processing and 5 years in hot and humid Wuzhou storage condition. 200 Degrees. Steep to taste.

2017 September's Tea Subscription

Orange Buddy - JuJube  Are you inviting a miracle? Wild Jujube has been used for centuries to aide sleep, negotiate anxiety and navigate depression. This imperial grade medicine is a caffeine-free nerve tonic that is very high in L-Theanine. This path leads to a tranquil dangle.

Red Buddy - Old Bear This is an amazing afternoon wild arbor red from old Yi Wu trees.  A hybrid of Chinese and Indian Camellia Sensis, an amazing treat fit for an Empire!

Black Buddy - Bulang Strong A shu puerh from 2011. Not only does this taste and smell epic, but the microbial colony living in this cake is from one of the original sacred tea groves of the Bulang tribe. They were a hunter-gatherer, pre-civilized group credited for some of the old groves in China!

2017 August's Tea Subscription

Orange Buddy - Drunken Concubine. Made from leaf grown, hand-rolled and very lightly roasted in Gande village in Anxi county of Fulian province.  This stellar Tie Guan Yin overflows with bright, spring aroma and flavor.  Named after the Bodhisattva of compassion and mercy, no tea will ease the boundary between dream life and waking life with more care.  Are you longing for union with Sweet Mother? Here is your moment of opportunity.

Red Buddy - Wizard's Eyebrow. We have never experienced a Big Red Robe Wu Yi so magical.  The aroma is at once nuts, chocolate and floral.  The taste shares these elements, but provides a slight astringency to compliment it’s pungent and vibrant nature.  Drink this and a powerful focus will develop between your eyebrows, your Will will strengthen and also your drive to self-realize.  Make a list of what the biggest you wants.

Black Buddy - Snow Falls on Monkey.  This wild harvested she puerh is our first taste of the eagerly anticipated Year of the Monkey. For the only time in recent memory, snow fell on the still developing first flush. Many speculate on how this will play out in the qualities of the tea. Give it a try and come up with your own conclusions.


2017 July's Tea Subscription

Orange Buddy - We are psyched to bring you one of the first Wu Yi Rock oolongs of the season, Golden Water Turtle! This grove has been producing this style of tea since the Ming Dynasty(at least)!  An extremely complex and thoughtful process helps produce one of the most magical feeling oolongs we have ever drank.

Black Buddy - Green Dragon is a new style of processing Dan Cong oolong that shares some similarity to Anxi Tie Guan Yin. This is the most green, heart centered tea from the Guangdong Provence. Helps with articulating one's desires and connecting the mind and heart in a mushy way.

Red Buddy - 2006 JuJuBe Aroma. This is a small tea factory production but bearing the "nei fei" of the ubiquitous CNNP.  It's very common for such un-official productions to take place in the first half of the 2000's.  This delicious brick was pressed from larger Menghai area ripe pu-erh tea leaves. So smooth, so soft. Very easy on the body and greatly contributes to a profound since of well-being.